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BYOD Powered by Ruckus Wireless
Xavier University uses Cloudpath by Ruckus Wireless to automatically onboard BYOD devices for WPA2-Enterprise secure WiFi.   Background curve top
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Welcome To The
Xavier University Network
This site will configure your device for 'xavierwireless'. Please take note of the following details:
information If you are on an Apple laptop/tablet/phone, please close out of the pop-up window, open Safari, and browse to wifisetup.xavier.edu.

If you are a visitor on the 'xavierguest' network, use the internet now; you do not need to perform this set up.

Students, faculty, and staff connect to 'xavierwireless', which is a WPA2-Enterprise(802.1x) network that requires special settings. As opposed to connecting with a password in a home network, 'xavierwireless' uses your Xavier user name and password. This wizard will perform to connect your device to 'xavierwireless'. This site can also update your wireless settings after a password change). Cloudpath will attempt to load automatically using a Java Applet or ActiveX. If you prefer, you may load Cloudpath manually.
To get started, simply accept the End-User License Agreement and click 'Start >'.
 I accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement.
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